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StackMob was an SF based startup building mobile backend technology for enterprise and indie developers. 

This project was the overhaul of our .com website. I worked on a cross-functional team with engineers, execs, and marketing to develop everything from the site-map, content, page layout and structure, and visual design.

The goal of this redesign was to better explain what it was that StackMob actually does. Our service was very feature rich, so it was sometimes difficult to showcase all of the features while maintaining a clear message.

Another challenge we encountered was creating an experience for the various audiences that visited our website. To help us think more clearly about this problem, I created detailed personas of the 4 types of visitors so that when we were thinking about a path through the site, we could keep straight in our minds who this path was serving.

We started by gathering and listing content for each persona. Then, I put together a sitemap based on this content. After that, we began wireframing and iterating, again and again, until we were happy with the organization and layout. At this point, I started making visual design concepts and applying the chosen style to the wireframes.

Role: UX and Visual Designer


Example Persona referenced throughout the redesign effort (1 of 4)


Sitemap I created, which was iterated on with the help of my team