Portfolio Coaching

Portfolio Coaching


Are you just starting out in UX? Trying to switch from Graphic Design or Web Development? Have you been struggling for weeks (or even months!) trying to craft the perfect UX portfolio ("What do I even put in this thing?!")? Do you send your resume and portfolio our to job listing after job listing and then wait... and wait... only to hear a quick "thanks, but no thanks" or, worse, crickets? So many of us have been there. I've been there! And I talk to friends, mentees, and mentors all the time about this. 

It's probably not that you're under qualified or that your work is bad. It's more than likely that you're not showcasing it in a way that a hiring manager can assess and digest it. That's where I come in.

I'll evaluate your current portfolio (if you have one--it's not required!) and tell you exactly what to change to grab the attention of hiring managers. Don't have portfolio yet? That's cool, too! I'll work with you to decide what to put in it and how to showcase it in the best way to get the job you're craving.

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